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Topics: performance troubleshooting, application performance, slow application, real time

How to troubleshoot the performance of Microsoft services

Microsoft RPC is commonly used to provide access to Microsoft services and applications over the network. How can you troubleshoot performance degradations on services relying on RPC? 

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Topics: performance troubleshooting, Microsoft services, RPC, DCE, Application transactions

The 5 factors which slowdown data transfers and how to identify them

Every IT Operations team faces complaints indicating that the network is slowing down or poorly delivering applications. Their very first focus is on checking the network performance (latency, packet loss, etc.). 

Nevertheless, the network is not the sole driver of data transfer speed and of the end user experience.

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Topics: performance troubleshooting, performance troubleshooting use case

Forget "Mean Time to Innocence", switch on team collaboration

Well, let's first define what Mean Time to Innocence means?

This is when your main purpose is to prove that you are not to blame if something goes wrong somewhere. It can be seen as a more politically correct variation of the famous C.Y.A. - Cover Your Ass approach.

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Topics: performance troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Slow Applications: why always blame the network?

I see two main reasons for that:
  • The first one comes down to history: in the 90s and 2000s the network was often the bottleneck and people got used to say « the network is slow »
  • The second one is more complex and related to how organizations or their IT departments are structured; let’s focus on this one!
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Topics: performance troubleshooting

Why is retention time critical to performance troubleshooting?

Capturing network traffic to get performance analytics is the first step for troubleshooting operations. The second step is to store the information you need and to make that data available over time

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Topics: performance troubleshooting

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