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How to handle IT performance complaints

Do you know how many tickets does your helpdesk handle regarding application performance? While you probably have some stats about this (or your helpdesk team can gather it for you), the more important question is how many of these cases are diagnosed and fixed is more of a challenge. 

This article discusses: 

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Topics: performance troubleshooting, performance diagnostic, application performance

Dear network recorder, we're breaking up!

My Dear Packet Capture Appliance, 

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Topics: NPM, ITOA, performance diagnostic, APM

How to find the root cause of a network slowdown

Every network administrator has heard this complaint: « The network is slow; I cannot even access to *my application* to do my job! ». 

How can you figure out if there is an actual network slowdown or if the degradation comes from another IT system (front server, application server, database, client workstation)? 

Which network diagnostic tool can you use to determine if there is a network degradation? 

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Topics: performance diagnostic

7 easy steps to fix the performance of database driven application

Here is a short story about how PerformanceVision helped a major Healthcare organization accelerate the diagnostic of slowdowns reported since many months by end users and help initiate the code optimization by their software vendor in no more than a few hours.

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Topics: performance troubleshooting, NPM, ITOA, network performance, performance diagnostic, application performance, response time, SQL Transaction, performance troubleshooting use case, Transaction performance, Stream analysis, APM, SQL query

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