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How to measure network performance through passive traffic analysis

Whichever tool you use it is important to  understand the fundamentals of how network performance metrics (like latency, packet loss or throughput) can be calculated.This calculation can be manual with Wireshark or any other packet analyzer or automated with the NPM solution of your choice.
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Topics: performance troubleshooting, NPM, network performance, Network troubleshooting

How-to reduce MTTR with Wire Data Real Time Transaction Analysis

Today an increasing number of IT professionals focus their attention on network reporting. There are a lot of reasons for this. Indeed, reports synthesizethe  operational analytics which reflect the health of applications and IT infrastructure, allowing to:

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Topics: NPM, ITOA, application performance, APM

Performance degradation, the top 10 causes for network slowness

Diagnosing network performance issues is part of your daily work. Whatever the network diagnostic tools you use, it is important to understand what are the symptoms of network performance degradations and what are the most likely root causes for them. 

Accelerating troubleshooting operations is key to maintain the business productivity through excellent end-to-end user performance rates. 

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Topics: performance troubleshooting, NPM, network performance, Network troubleshooting

DNS: key to network and application performance

The DNS (Domain Name System), which has been defined in detail in the RFC #1034 and 1035, is key to the good performance of TCP/IP networks. It works in a hierarchical way; This means that if one of the DNS servers is misconfigured or compromised, all the network, which relies on it, is also impacted.Although the DNS protocol is quite simple, it generates a significant number of issues: configuration issues,
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Topics: NPM, APM, DNS

How Wireshark users can scale up their network troubleshooting capabilities

Wireshark is the most famous protocol / packet analyzer on the market! Almost any engineer use Wireshark for troubleshooting network / application issues.

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Topics: NPM, Network troubleshooting, Wireshark

Agentless performance monitoring for Citrix Xenapp

Citrix XenApp is widely used to facilitate the access of remote users to applications; in many cases of performance complaints and degradations, Citrix XenApp is one of the links which need to be analyzed. 
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Topics: NPM, APM, Citrix

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