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How to get Network Visibility for Free

Performance Vision offers end-to-end application performance analytics from the wire-data. Because we know network engineers sometime get a hard time convincing their management to invest into network visibility / NMS / Network monitoring tools, we decided to provide a version of our Wire Data analytics solution for free! 

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Topics: NPM

Why automate packet analysis for performance troubleshooting?

There are many ways to analyze network traffic. Flows provided by network devices to reflect traffic volumes are one way; packet analysis is the other way.

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Topics: NPM, Network troubleshooting, wiredata

Our product vision explained to Lovemytooltv

If you missed our session on Lovemytool on our vision of the market, needs and product development, here is the replay of the session. 
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Topics: NPM, APM

How to leverage a flow matrix for network monitoring

A flow matrix is a representation of the IP traffic map; it can be used in many ways to troubleshoot, monitor and optimize network infrastructures. Let's take a closer look at all the use cases for the traffic matrix!
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Topics: NPM, Network troubleshooting, network monitoring

Key differences between packet capture and real time stream analysis

Network administrators rely on network traffic analysis to troubleshoot complex problems and specifically performance degradations. The usefulness of network analysis solutions is obvious to all of them. 

The main question raised by most network teams is how fast can we get to the root cause and which tools can really help us. 

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Topics: NPM, Network troubleshooting, Stream analysis

6 reasons to take a new approach to packet capture

Traditionally network administrators have learnt to use packet analysis for troubleshooting complex problems. Some invested in expensive traffic capture appliance to capture and retain the traffic for later analysis; in case they get reports for a performance degradation, they can extract trace files and load them into a network analyzer (Wireshark or commercial) and look at packets. 

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Topics: NPM, network performance, Network troubleshooting

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