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Our product vision explained to Lovemytooltv

If you missed our session on Lovemytool on our vision of the market, needs and product development, here is the replay of the session. 

"This week we will be speaking with Boris Rogier, Co-founder and Managing Director of Performance Vision (previously SecurActive).
Performance Vision (PV) is a leading vendor in the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and network visibility markets. PV provides a range of innovative solutions that helps IT managers obtain a global vision of their infrastructure as well as application performance and usage.
Boris will talk about how WireData can address the need of IT operations for performance analytics, in particular, the challenges of handling hundreds of applications for thousands of users and similarly, the challenges of taking troubleshooting capabilities in a virtualized / cloud / SDN data centers.
He will also discuss the need to take a new approach to traffic analysis to address this new situation and give an update on Performance Vision's latest development: Version 4.1."

Topics: NPM, APM

Posted by Boris Rogier on 15 septembre 2016
Boris Rogier
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