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Give your team intelligence to solve degradations in real time: it comes out cheaper!


Performance degradations have a significant impact on the productivity of your internal clients using the business applications.

There may be a time when application performance problems do not last for a few minutes any more, but for hours, even days or weeks.

With today's technology, you can give your IT team the ability to solve downtime and degradations in minutes and with much lower budgets than in the past.

How? With real-time analysis!

Let’s look at network recorder's history

For many years, the "dinosaurs" of network performance analysis have relied on good old technologies (now obsolete - read more about this in this article): it consisted in storing gigantic amounts of packet data. These "stream-to-disk" or "network recorder" solutions will basically swallow and store tera bytes of packet data. It is, then, down to you to find the time which is necessary to analyze the data. In a nutshell, it's a needle in a haystack.

To diagnose an intermittent degradation, which has been going on for several days or weeks, they claim that tens of tera bytes of traffic need to be stored; that you have to filter the data you load for detailed analysis, which, obviously, requires you to know precisely when and where the problem occurred.

This will lead them to sell you expensive appliances, while you are in fact mostly buying disk space, rather than network intelligence.

What real piece of intelligence are You being sold?

The concept of these solutions is to just store, but then the analysis becomes tedious, time consuming and sometimes simply does not provide an answer.

The work required to analyze such volumes of data are prohibitive, unless you have a very powerful analytical engine to process the data. Since the data gets stored as it goes along - as raw data, no previous selection and computing has been undertaken. Even if you have accurate information on the approximate time frame of the problem, you’ll still spend a lot of time looking for the needle, if you can even find it!

In terms of intelligence, you’re only being sold a search engine and disk writing speed, so where is the intelligence in it?

Today the real alternative is real time analysis!

Rather than storing packets and then attempting to analyze them when needed, Real Time Analysis consists in automating the packet analysis and computing the traffic as it flows throughout all of your networks.

As a matter of fact, you will:

  • Save most of the manual analysis by getting manageable and understandable performance analytics, available any time within seconds
  • Extend your visibility to a much wider network scope
  • Store your analytics instead of raw packets and save most of the memory space needed.
  • Accelerate your analysis by sorting, filtering, viewing an already computed and comprehensive set of usage and performance metrics. 

Intelligence = Know How + Automation + Scalability

What intelligence are you being sold: an analysis « know-how » of different protocols, from the lower layers -IP, TCP, UDP- up to the application transactions http/HTTPS, SQL, SMB, DNS, Microsoft services, Citrix… at very high throughput, higher even than the storage of raw packets on the hard drive.

Why can’t these solutions already replace these dinosaurs: not alike a solution that preserves packets, these solutions required years of development, and it has taken them time to stand out because they were conceived by start-ups. It isn’t disk space that you’re being sold anymore, but “know-how”, engineering, research and development.  

analyse de performance temps réel pic 1.png

The result is a simple solution, that can be used by non-specialists, and allows faster troubleshooting.

Therefore, the advantages to your team will be:

  • A data retention.
  • Much more precise baselines.
  • An incomparable granularity: all the information available to the precise minute for over 1 month.
  • An access to troubleshooting in just a matter of seconds.
  • A lower acquisition and possession cost.
  • An easy to use tool for your teams

And if you’d like to get further information about this topic, I’d like to suggest you read our White Paper on real time analysis

Download our White Paper here!

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Posted by François Lefebvre on 01 février 2017
François Lefebvre

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