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How to get Network Visibility for Free

Performance Vision offers end-to-end application performance analytics from the wire-data. Because we know network engineers sometime get a hard time convincing their management to invest into network visibility / NMS / Network monitoring tools, we decided to provide a version of our Wire Data analytics solution for free! 

network-visibility-dashboard - free.jpg

What can you get out of it?

Building a network history based on both packet capture and netflow, both analyzed and integrated into a historical database in real time.
  • A dashboard of the status of your critical network links (network usage vs network capacity, network latency, RTT, retransmission rate) in a single web page,
  • Detailed network usage statistics retained for up to 15 days:
    • Charts of bandwidth, payload, etc
      Bandwidth chart.png

    • Top talkers
      Top talkers.png

    • Top applications
    • Top servers
    • Top clients
    • Flow matrix
      Flow - Network Matrix.png

    • Network conversations in details
      Network conversations.png

  • Network performance metrics (NPM)
    • Round trip times (network latency)
    • Retransmission rates
  • In depth troubleshooting
    • Powerful filtering capabilities (any combination of source, destination IP, segments, ports, applications, etc…)
    • Applications recognized by DPI (Deep Packet Inspection)
    • Detailed indicators for each TCP session
      TCP events errors.png
    • On demand packet capture
All the data is processed in real time and can be queried through a fast, secure drill down oriented web interface, allowing you to navigate from an overview of your network flows to the very details of each session in few clicks.

Where are the limits (in the free version)?

Well you do not get all of it; here is what you are missing:
  • No TCP application performance metrics nor TCP errors (0-win)
  • No layer 7 transaction analysis (HTTP, SQL, SMB, VOIP, DNS, Citrix, etc.)
  • A short history: 15 days back in time (only ;)
  • No automated reports, SNMP interface, CSV Exports
  • A license which captures every thing up to 250000 flows per minute, not more ;).

How can I get it?

  1. Download our evaluation appliance (OVA - VMware appliance)
  2. Install it
  3. It will run our evaluation copy with (almost) all PerformanceVision's features activated; after 15 days, it will run the free version of PerformanceVision
  4. It will work for one year! 

If you have the resources available on a VMware host and either your TAP / port mirroring / SPAN ready or a Netflow source, the installation will take you less than 10 minutes. 

Just get visibility on your network NOW!

DOWNLOAD  PerformanceVision Free  NOW! 

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Posted by Boris Rogier on 07 février 2017
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