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How to diagnose an application performance problem without Server access



An application that is not responding properly, unhappy users, and wasted productivity. Does this sound familiar?

The case that we will be discussing here pertains to one of our customers from the Hospital sector.

In this particular hospital, two heads of department, doctors and nurses were using one specific application, and were unhappy with the response time they were getting, which was often very long.


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To quote them: « Do you really think that I have nothing else to do besides wait for this darn application to respond? ».

In addition to the feeling of deep anger raised by the users, the financial impact for the hospital was considerable.

Between ten and fifteen minutes were lost every day, and not to say, multiplied by the number of users, plus the time spent in unproductive meetings with suppliers. Also, not to forget, the time spent internally searching for the IT teams, who were already overloaded with other problems. In total, the cost had been evaluated to dozens of thousands of euros per month of lost productivity.

One must also consider the human impact, as a patient, do you really want to deal with a doctor who’s annoyed because he has an IT problem?

After a very vociferous meeting, a top management member slammed his fist on the table leading to a team leader to be designated to find a solution, and fast! Unfortunately, he was not a network administrator, nor a developer, nor a database administrator. He had no login authorizations, no logs, teams that were very unwilling to collaborate because they were already busy elsewhere. In short, and in normal times, it would become hard to find the source of the problem, and as a matter of fact, the problem had been going on for several months by now.

Fortunately, due to various performance problems, the organization had just invested in a NAPM (Network and Application Performance Management) tool. And as a matter of fact, Performance Vision had therefore just been installed, allowing our solution to find the problem that had been going on for several weeks, it was able to precisely address and diagnose it in just a matter of minutes.

PerformanceVision works by listening and analyzing all of the network and application transactions traffic in real time. There is no impact on the existing infrastructure. No agent to install, whether directly on the Server side, nor on the customer’s terminals. PerformanceVision allows to analyze all of the operations that are conducted by the users, as well as knowing the felt performance, and the elements that influence it.

This is the analysis protocol that was launched by the customer:

  1. Check the performances of the questioned application
  2. Verify that the network is not to be blamed
  3. Access the users’ operations details
  4. Check the database performances
  5. Access the details of the SQL requests
  6. Identify the slow SQL request


A6 blog Ph2.png

Analysis protocol


Would you like to read further in detail the full protocol used in this specific case?  Check out our White Paper and the 6 steps to follow. Just click on this link to download it.

How to diagnose an application per  

Topics: performance diagnostic, application performance, SQL query, slowness, SQL request, NAPM, application transactions traffic in real time, qpplication problem, slow application, real time

Posted by Thibault Bouchette on 05 décembre 2016
Thibault Bouchette
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