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Integration of What's Up Gold and PerformanceVision for application performance alerting

By integrating PerformanceVision data into WhatsUp Gold, you can monitor network and application performance through the same solution as the availability and resource consumption of your IT infrastructure. Our distributor in Singapore, AsiaVAD, nicely drafted the new possibilities that this integration creates.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold is a popular network, server and application monitoring solution, support versatile monitor protocols such as SNMP, WMI, Service Running Check, Network Port, Scripting support, Disk/Memory Utilization Monitor, for wide range of devices include router, switches, firewall, servers of various OS, application servers.

PerformanceVision, is a network-based APM [Application Performance Monitoring] solution, specialized in monitoring end user response time across various application servers and network zones, and network behavior analysis.  It complements WhatsUp Gold by providing global vision of infrastructure and application performance & usage. By capturing traffic flow on strategic points in your network, it measures end-user’s Quality of Experience (QoE), all network traffic and transactions undertaken.

Both products complement each other, in scenarios below.

1. Alert of Business Critical Application Performance Event Occurrence

While SPV is able to graph the response time, such as EURT (End User Response Time) for specific applications, it doesn’t have a built-in threshold exceed alerts. With availability of BCA (business critical applications) values in SNMP response, WhatsUp Gold can do SNMP poll to collect the BCA values, and set the threshold exceed alerts by its versatile action such as email, SMS.

Below is the screen capture of BCA values graphed in WhatsUp Gold.

APM and SNMP - integration of WUG and PerformanceVision

And the threshold alerts, configurable from WhatsUp Gold.

Application performance graph in WUG with PerformanceVision data

2. Performance Vision System Health

Administrator can configure WhatsUp Gold to monitor Performance Vision system health status in terms of its CPU utilization, disk space and ping connectivity status.

WUG performance alerting with PerformanceVision

3. Complementing WhatsUp Gold.

WhatsUp Gold is a solution, performing monitor from WhatsUp machine perspective. Due to this approach, it may miss out response time status from another client perspective at different network zone. Performance Vision which perform 100% network based inspection, is able to analyze the application response time from all network zones perspective to a group of application servers. It’s therefore useful for measurement of application response time such as:

  1. Measurement of user experience for same application, when users access it from different network zones.
  2. Before and After Application Server migrate from one platform to the other, e.g. Virtualization
  3. Hosted to Cloud

PerformanceVision doesn’t check e.g Application Logic Down status, Application Error Detection as WhatsUp Gold does.

For more information or complete set of instructions to integrate both solutions, please contact us.

To discover how PerformanceVision can complement your SNMP Monitoring solution, please read our White Paper APM: TAKING IT MONITORING BEYOND THE LIMITS OF SNMP

 APM: application transactions in real time. Download the White Paper


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Posted by Boris Rogier on 06 juin 2016
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