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How to diagnose an application performance problem without Server access


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Topics: performance diagnostic, application performance, SQL query, slowness, SQL request, NAPM, application transactions traffic in real time, qpplication problem, slow application, real time

5 things to know before you start troubleshooting SMB Performance

SMB-CIFS is a commonly used Protocol to:

  • Enable users to manipulate files
  • Allow application processes to exchange data
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Topics: APM

How to maintain performance troubleshooting capabilities in heterogeneous and highly distributed environments?

One of our customers recently requested assistance to handle a slowdown pertaining to an application that was accessed through different paths according to the user’s location: with a thick Client, through Citrix XenApp or through a Web UI.

The users, spread over tens of sites in all 5 continents, were experiencing performance problems whatever the access mode they would use.

The company already owned a couple of PerformanceVision physical appliances.  And the first option they considered was to position one of these appliances in the datacenter hosting the application which is located in Europe. This would have been simple, but the datacenter is outsourced, and deploying a physical appliance on location was unfortunately not an option!

So, the network team was being blamed, despite several obvious facts, such as:

  • Only this specific application was experiencing a performance degradation
  • It was a persisting problem
  • Several user sites were being impacted

This situation was becoming a true nightmare for their IT Operations team, as it had been going on for several months by the time we started to work on it.  

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Topics: datacenter, performance diagnostic, highly distributed environments, Citrix, https, distant nework, degradation, UI, Thick Client, http, highly distributed environment

How to troubleshoot the performance of Microsoft services

Microsoft RPC is commonly used to provide access to Microsoft services and applications over the network. How can you troubleshoot performance degradations on services relying on RPC? 

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Topics: performance troubleshooting, Microsoft services, RPC, DCE, Application transactions

3 ways to secure application performance from the rollout

Rolling out a new critical application like an ERP is a vital objective for a CIO! There is a lot at stake from a financial investment and visibility standpoints.

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Topics: application performance, application roll-out, ERP roll-out, end-user experience

Manage your IT with Data-Driven Decisions

One of the many possible ways to take advantage of PerformanceVision is to use it to get visibility on the performances of your IT. Provided by our unique wire data analytics, this information allows you to base your strategy on concrete facts and to make more efficient decisions

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Topics: datacenter, Performance optimization, Monitoring, network monitoring, data-driven decisions

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