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Forget "Mean Time to Innocence", switch on team collaboration

Well, let's first define what Mean Time to Innocence means?

This is when your main purpose is to prove that you are not to blame if something goes wrong somewhere. It can be seen as a more politically correct variation of the famous C.Y.A. - Cover Your Ass approach. The idea is to have a product (whatever it officially does) whose main use is to prove that you are not, in any way, responsible for the issue (failure, slowdown, user complain) that occurred in your IT infrastructure.

Sometimes, even if no one would admit it, at least officially, it might have been the true reason for buying a solution.

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Topics: performance troubleshooting

Our product vision explained to Lovemytooltv

If you missed our session on Lovemytool on our vision of the market, needs and product development, here is the replay of the session. 
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Topics: NPM, APM

Troubleshooting Slow Applications: why is the network always first to be blamed?

I see two main reasons for that:
  • The first one comes down to history: in the 90s and 2000s the network was often the bottleneck and people got used to say « the network is slow »
  • The second one is more complex and related to how organizations or their IT departments are structured; let’s focus on this one!
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Topics: performance troubleshooting

How to leverage a flow matrix for network monitoring

A flow matrix is a representation of the IP traffic map; it can be used in many ways to troubleshoot, monitor and optimize network infrastructures. Let's take a closer look at all the use cases for the traffic matrix!
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Topics: NPM, Network troubleshooting, network monitoring

Why is retention time critical to performance troubleshooting?

Capturing network traffic to get performance analytics is the first step for troubleshooting operations. The second step is to store the information you need and to make that data available over time

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Topics: performance troubleshooting

Key differences between packet capture and real time stream analysis

Network administrators rely on network traffic analysis to troubleshoot complex problems and specifically performance degradations. The usefulness of network analysis solutions is obvious to all of them. 

The main question raised by most network teams is how fast can we get to the root cause and which tools can really help us. 

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Topics: NPM, Network troubleshooting, Stream analysis

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